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WTS 2 Steyr Augs unfired One Preban A1 - 1 of 1500 imported. & one 40th Anniversary model nib

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I’ve had this vacuum sealed since I got it from the original owner who was a 78 years old collector who never fired it. It’s shown with original target that has the test shots on it I’m assuming and all the preban magazines that come with it. And it’s in the Factory original preban box ! This is as nice as your gonna get . And it has all matching numbers obviously. Next is a NIB unfired STG77 Anniversary model the first 400 were a special run and serial numbered to 400. This is stg181 and is a spitting image of the preban brother the A1. Even has the sought after Donut of Death 1.5x scope. Asking $2450 for the STG77 separate or $7250 shipped for Both. Price is FIRM no haggling whatsoever. The AAC Blackout is only on for looks and is not included in the sale unless you buy it separate for $110 I’m located in Tulsa Ok 74114 If you want insurance which I recommend it’s up to you to add extra funds to the Total . Payment by certified bank check or postal money orders. Cash if FTF. My price is absolutely firm so please no haggling and no hard feelings. Thanks for looking.



2A57A54D-F05C-4113-B463-89DB603F77D5.jpeg 1E43048E-12FD-4BCD-BAC9-347D52F60CA5.jpeg 805F28BD-93CB-4911-91EB-210D83A8BA9F.jpeg E186BEB4-C353-4691-BBC8-C741899287B9.jpeg 4D989FD3-7C5C-46ED-919B-A32D3C3D1D0E.jpeg 11B4C829-E20F-4D56-9AA6-454B75BDC805.jpeg 96E29E67-C9B2-401E-BDF4-B314A71A652B.jpeg 75839862-987D-4ECC-9682-43E098FD6774.jpeg 02E3ED8D-497B-47FE-9312-5122029BC924.jpeg 6C92998F-5DE0-4F36-9FB6-239A0C05F9C2.jpeg 7ECB458D-47E3-4760-B7FA-D02C5BF1AFFB.jpeg 714844FA-F328-4633-B3E3-A0DCE2E77133.jpeg 3EAA2B2C-3A90-40FA-BC04-47D6DC6A92B0.jpeg 4A2497D4-8BAD-41FA-987F-1EC5940A3520.jpeg 0CCFEEFB-A5D1-415F-8698-6D8D98305BA0.jpeg
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