Hey guys, since there is perpetually a lot of traffic on many of the gun sites looking for alternatives to the high price of corncob and other media from midway, grafs and the like. I thought I would just post where I buy it.

I've been buying there for years, I typically use corncob, but I buy walnut, and ceramic media there and have for years. Their prices even blow away the pet stores and they have the finer grades of media you need for case tumbling. Normal tumbling is a 12-20 mesh (that's the screens it gets caught between) however I tend to use 20-40 mesh corncob because it doesn't get stuck in flash holes as easily. Normal price for corncob is about $.40/lb, and a 50lb bag is usually about $20, walnut is slightly more expensive usually running about $.50/lb.
Hey AMP! I see plastic and ceramic media on their web site but no walnut shell or corn cob media. Am I not looking in the right places?

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