Who Grew Up Owning Your Very Own Red Ryder BB Gun

I had one that I found out in the pump house of the home my parents leased in Washington State. Darned thing would shoot around corners....Really!!

It was very well weathered and had some rust that I cleaned up, but it shot and you could still read Red Ryder in the stock. :)
At my Grandmas house in Walla Walla, she had a red Ryder she had for my dad and his brothers. I ended up using it whenever we visited, unfortunately my parents didn't want me to have it since they knew I'd shoot at the neighbor cat. haha
Some of my best memories involve one of these. None of my GI Joes were safe! I used to hang grandpa's plastic Kodiak tins from trees with fishing line and shoot those. Usually it'd pierce one side but not the others, allowing me to 'collect' and re-use my BB's.

Also learned what happens when you piss off an fire ant hill by shooting down the hole :mad:
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