I have one, too. A friend of mine threw more than $1000 at his, then sold it to me for $500 because he needed some fast cash. Mine has a carbon-fiber barrel, Volquartsen bolt and trigger, and some kind of ambidextrous stock with a large hole aft of the trigger where most rifle stocks are solid. I rarely shoot the thing because .22LR ammo is so horribly inaccurate. I just "have it to have it." Has a Nikon P-Rimfire 2-7X scope on it with a Scopecoat to protect it. He did it up right, and I benefitted handsomely.

The stock is a Vantage RS by Fajen.

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Would that be classified as a, 'Pistol grip' stock ?
M1A Scout. I bought it in the distressed OD flag stock because the price was good. I refurbed a milsurp stock, removed the scope rail and put a milsurp ventilated handguard on it and just stored the original stuff.

I have AR's, but I'm an op-rod guy at heart. ;)

20190520_135000.jpg 20190517_160637.jpg
I have three 10/22's, all unfired, so they are not favored yet. I won't say how many AR10 or 15's I own but at least two of each, I love 10's, but the 15's get used more without regard to the price of ammo out of hand. The price and availability creeps in there somewhere along the line.
AR-9's are getting a lot of use too
I also have a M1 Carbine a new manufacture by the 'new' Inland company. Works great and when I am shooting it is my favorite. Hard to beat a M1 Carbine.
Those are all I own but I am building an AK-47 and am considering a M-14 or M1A
I will call the AR-15 my favorite
It's tough to beat the AR15. With one lower you can have several uppers. Parts are cheap, interchangeable, and plentiful. They're light, accurate, and reliable. As for triggers, if you use the S&W lower build kit and add a JP trigger spring kit you get a pretty crisp smooth trigger. You can build a decent AR for less the $500 and ammo should cost $.30 per round when things settle down.

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