I just realized I have two additional semi-auto's, a Keltec Sub-2000 in 9 MM Glock magazine compatible, and a Henry AR-7 22 LR. I bought the Henry as a 'survival' rifle to stuff in whatever vehicle so I could have a rifle if caught out otherwise unaware. It is small until assembled, my Henry was slightly re-engineered by Henry to allow two loaded eight round magazines to be stored in the stock, and I place another in the receiver, none chambered (Can't happen anyway as the barrel and chamber has yet to be mated to the receiver). I have 24 rounds in that way. I do have a CCI plastic box of 100 more rounds. That makes my AR-7 truly a favorite then.

I bought the Sub-2000 as I was having a hard time sourcing a AR-9 that my wife wanted, the Sub-2000 was on the way when suddenly two ar-9's were sourced, as a result the Sub-2000 languishes in it's box, I'll try it some time.

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