Which is your favorite pump action shotgun?

My Marlin Model 120 .... was wonderful ... used it for hunting, trap shooting and sporting clays .. a bit heavy but I think that helped with shot stability for me ... and a little cleaning and Break Free applications kept the action smoother than smooth ... ! ... Lots of votes from me for it .... and yes I did have a Remington 870 Wingmaster and a Winchester Model 12 ... but the Marlin has many thousand rounds thru it and was always the best for me !
Have several different shotguns but my current favorite for range fun and defense is a late production model '97 Winchester ('54) riot gun in 12 ga. Looked long and hard to find a factory riot not a cut down hunting version (barrel 18" marked Cyl). Paid what I thought was a very reasonable $550 for it in 90% condition.
Now that I think of it, I remember having two Ithica pumps, one in 12 and one in 20 gauge. Did an LOT of bird and rabbit hunting with them. The 20 was perfect for walks after rabbit or quail while the 12 was almost perfect for dove, ducks and geese.
Always wanted to hunt upland birds but never had a chance and now that I am an older, Broken Toy (Thank You, US Army) i doubt I'll ever have a chance. Certainly not if I have to walk, that is.
Anyway, thinking back to those Ithica shotguns i don't recall what ever happened to them. I just remember leaving them with my Dad (RIP, Dad, I still miss you after all these years) when I enlisted and went off to serve my country and they were gone when I came home from overseas some years later. (Sigh)
Never got a good answer to their whereabouts so suspect Dad "lent" them to one of my younger brothers and they somehow absconded with them without word one. (!@_$*&$@^@&!!!!)
Oh, well, at least I have some fond memories of those guns.
Would like to have one of each again but no real purpose to buying them.
I'm at the age where I'm selling off my inventory as it it. No sense in leaving them to family who'll just squabble over them then sell off for pennies on the dollar, right?
Man I wish I wasn't mobility impaired.
God Bless everyone and have a GREAT Day!
YES.....the Winchester 1897. Then....slam-fire it for the win. A hell of a lot of fun.

Rrrright....if you want serious.....then, the Rem 870 is always available.

Aloha, Mark
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