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Which is your favorite bolt-action rifle?

I have a Savage FC-SR Bolt Action .308 for sale. It has a threaded barrel with a Miculek Muzzel brake, Warne 20 MOA scope mount with Warne rings and a Leupold 6-18x40 Scope. Fired 6 rounds to dial in scope, cleaned her and back in the case. I don't get out often enough to use it so I'm selling or looking to trade for a compact 1911 style 45 with a 3" or 4" Barrel. If you're interested, send me an email with your contact info and I can get you some pictures. As equipped I'm into it for @ $1500 and open to a reasonable offer. Thanks Bob
Did you sell the Savage or are you still looking to trade ?
Dang! It's been awhile since I've lurked here. I've entered a new phase: Lever action rifles in handgun calibers. So far, I bought two new Henry's; a brass .357 with 20" octagon barrel, and a .45 Colt with a round 20" barrel. These are both FUN to shoot, especially that .45 Colt. Handloads all the way.
Good to be back! BTW, my Sako is now in Idaho also. Lookin' around for another lever rifle. Maybe a .41 mag. Henry of course.
The Indian Enfield #1 Mk3 my dad bought from Golden State Arms for $29 back in '62 is pretty special.

A ton of character but the bore is perfect. Dead nuts on at 200 yds with Greek surplus .303.

He got 7 deer with it over the years, and I still have the one box of Remington ammo he used for sighting & every hunt.
. . . I still have the one box of Remington ammo he used for sighting & every hunt.
Wow! Tons of memories and nostalgia in that piece. Good to hear you've kept it in good shape. Same for my dad's 1946 Model 70. Looks almost new after being carried all over Alaska in the early 1950s. I had it refinished and reblued in 1984. My dad was not overjoyed that I'd taken his rifle and refinished all the history out of it. The finish was dull and the bluing was just about gone. I made it look brand-new again. I was crestfallen when he said he didn't recognize his "old friend." It's a gorgeous rifle, but not the one with which he took so many trophies all those decades past. I have it now, and it's priceless to me...
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My current favorite is my CZ 455, 22lr Standard model.
I'm having a blast shooting it, just fired the 10 shot 50ft BR target using Aguila Super Extra 40gr CP ammo and scored 98 with 1X.
Next I'll be moving on out to 25 then 50yards with the correct targets. My little range won't stretch to 100, so I'll stick with what I have.
My other favorite bolt action was one I left standing behind the BR door when I moved back to AZ from Pampa, TX. back in the early 1970's.
It was a Springfield Arms 56A single shot I learned how to shoot with.
I miss that old thing!
There were many (bolt guns) in my life. But, the soft spot in my heart was for a Mauser 98 in 30-06.

I had several 1903s but they weren't exactly what I had wished for. They went, bye, bye. And, I once had a commercial FN Interarms Mark X. But sadly, I let her go too.

It was only within the last five years that I've been able to sort of make up for the error of my ways. I purchased a "custom" sporterized Mauser 98 in 30-06. When I got it, the 30-06 rounds could not feed from the magazine. But, with a little home gunsmiting and love, I was able to fix her up. The other one (on the left) came a few months later. I had to also modify the magazine on that one. I'm guessing that the previous owners had lost interest or were satisfied with a single shot. Not me.


Aloha, Mark


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