Switched it up since you know who made his comment...
Was a real bit_ch finding holsters though...

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Curious to hear which guns people carry regularly.

I've recently found myself leaving my 1911's in the safe in favor of my Glock 19 (crazy, right??). Generally prefer a OWB slide holster. For warm weather when others are difficult to conceal it's usually a Kahr PM9 or Ruger LCP IWB.
Read all of the pages. Looks like a lot (but not all) shooters start big and move to smaller handguns. I still carry a Glock 20 when moving through black bear and cougar country. That starts on my, and my neighbors’ property and includes camping within a 400 mile area. Have been using a more compact gun since leaving LE= Law Enforcement, recently. That’s because rules of engagement and needs have changed.

But switched to a G43 and G43X mos for EDC in most ’in town’ situations. Still working out the details of ‘when to carry what’ at various times. Seriously reconsidered what to carry about every 10 years ago. Given up on finding the ‘perfect’ pistol. Better to find a useful one and adapt to it as best I can, than to waste time and money trying to find the Holy Grail (Spoiler alert: ’best’ doesn’t exist.). Even though I believe that Glocks are the pinnacle of reliability and durability, they are not perfect. Some people find that Sigs, Springfields and other brands of just as good. That’s great! Guess I’m more of a shill for the ammunition manufacturers and competent firearms trainers than firearms manufacturers. It’s my belief that one should buy a quality pistol and components, then buy tons of ammo to training with good instructors for improved skill and competency.

Your mileage may vary.


Beretta 85 Cheetah in 380. I carry it IWB at 3 O'clock both winter and summer in a leather holster. It's easy to shoot accurately and range ammo is cheap. Also in today's world there is ammo available that does the job very effectively. I am still searching for a Beretta model 86 380 with a tip-up barrel, but so far have had no luck finding one.
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