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What's your go-to gun for camping, hiking, etc?

Joe Link

I've been thinking of buying a Glock 20 and I'm curious to hear which firearm(s) people carry when enjoying the great outdoors (handgun, rifle, whatever).


Serious Joe!! Glock 20 is perfect. cheap enough you don't care if it gets scratched and accurate, reliable and powerful enough to take on pretty much anything you would come across in the woods four legged or two.
For the 4-legged critters open carried in a traditional leather “cowboy/hunter” gun-belt (with filled bullet loops and a couple speed loaders) & holster.

For the two-legged critters, carried in a shoulder holster and pockets (when wearing the “cowboy/hunter” rig...

Don’t start none, won’t be none.... son. ;)
Handgun, the same one I carry all the time, CZ P-10C. Long gun, this one. CZ 527M/CSR 7.62x39mm with custom 10 round mag. That's what it's called - Camp Scout Rifle. Other than that perhaps my AR15, but chances are if I am out bebopping in the woods it will be the handgun. 9mm can take down dang near all wildlife in Southern AZ if need be.

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Depending on where and when I have carried a R92 lever gun and Revolver in 357/38sp or and 45LC lever w/a Bond snake slayer
With hard cast or wad cutters they are pretty good defensively against anything in the lower 48. AND it simplify's the ammo!
Not a hunter though, there are better rifles for that, like the one above with ballistic like a 30-30
CZ make some great shooters
Glock 20 with 2 extra mags when we go out into the desert a long ways from home.........
Perfect when you have a quality chest holster....
Someone I know asked me "I'm thinking about buying 2 glock 20's" and i looked him in the eye and said "what do you need two of 'em for" to which he replied "bears".

Last I checked the incidence of Chow Yun Fat gun kata of people vs bears is pretty outside the norm. I've also dealt with bears, usually they are way less interested in you than you are in them. However, that doesn't mean that disagreement isn't possible. Yea, the 10mm is fairly potent, and probably a decent choice, generally my argument would be to just accept the lower power but higher capacity 9mm. I've been running Barnes Tac-XPD bullets for a while, they've performed very well under gel-tests and on wild hogs.

Handguns tend to be fairly limited in their utility. Yea, I get that there are a lot of alaskan bush fishermen who are alive today thanks to ruger redhawks and other large stainless steel revolvers. But my over-all feeling is that a rifle is a better choice for most uses. The mossberg MVP scout or patrol in .308 is a fairly potent rifle. I'm not a fan of the scout style scope mounting. I usually want something with higher magnification and a bigger eyebox.

I have a number of guns... my most common ones are 9mm pistol, .308 long range rifle, AR-15 pistol with brace. Over all I think an AR pistol is a good compromise, it's small and light (I think mine is ~3-4lbs) and packs an immense amount of firepower. Unless you need to duke it out with an army of bears, the AR pistol is going to solve those problems fairly definitively.
Depending on my mood , and just where I am going it would be one of the following three :

My Hawken rifle copy in .54 caliber...This is the rifle I shoot the best with ...It was has a non-threatening appearance , which when hiking or camping in a public area may be of some importance...

My 1981 870 Wingmaster in 12 gauge ...Fast , easy to carry , and versatile with loadings...

My 1972 Colt series '70 in .45acp...first handgun I shot as it was my dad's...I know it works and works well


I just picked up a G20 for that exact reason. 15+1 of 10MM is rather comforting up in black bear/Cougar country.
You shoot a Black Bear with a hand gun you are just going to piss him off. Maybe if you have the time to land all 16 rounds. Get some wasp spray and hit him in the face. That will put him down for the count. I cary my old .357 new modal Blackhawk to take out any aggressive groundhogs. Anything bigger I walk the other way.


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