What's your favorite website for gun related items?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Texfisher33, Jan 20, 2015.


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    I try to do most of my business with local small business when possible , even if it means spending a little more....a little more.
    I do like Carolina shooters and back page.
    I get newsletters from a place called "keep shooting .com" they have a lot of surplus and cool stuff from time to time.
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  2. targetshooter

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    Hey, I just checked the "keepshooting.com" site. Looks like there are a lot of neat and useful things there, great prices, too. Thanks for the tip, I'll be visiting them very soon for a closer look at some stuff.
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    Ditto ... I favor a shop called J&G Gunsmiths in Rocklin Ca.
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  4. Ura-Ki

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    Sarco for new and used or rare parts and accessories, as well as repops of obsolete items. it's my crack supply for gun part needs!
    Track of the wolf for fine Black Powder arms and accessories
    The Mountain Man store in Manitou Springs Co. for cool Frontiers gear and other cool stuff, a nice knife kit and parts supplier too. Be patient with them, the interwebs is quite new to them, but they are trying!
    S&G sales, some good deals at times
    Ernst Armory for militeria, and a good sourse for odd mil parts for such weapons as FAL's and M-1A's and many others, check often, things are constantly changing
    Lyman for molds and sights for that fine vintage arm, also a good selection of tools and a custom mold shop for that special bullet you just cant find any where, or to replicate an old one with a rusted out mold!
    Pacific tool and machine for smithing and other gun tuning and fitting parts and tools, best chamber reamers you can get! A Remingtom 700 specialty supplier!
    Brownells for parts and tools, especially more common needs, and a awesome selection of parts for the custom 1911 builder
    Midway U.S.A. same as Brownells, some times better selection or better prices, a more extensive parts listing for 1911 parts, especially the higher end stuff, and a great place to get magazines for most all pistols
    1911 builders.com for 1911 tools and basic kits to start the 1911 building addiction
    Matrix precision for more 1911 building options!
    Caspian for top quality frames and slides for your custom 1911 build
    Fusion arms for even more mid to high end 1911 parts, much more complete supplier with a much larger inventory of very nice high quality parts

    I can add more if any one wishes! as you might have guessed building custom 1911's is kind of my thing! LOL
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    Good list!
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