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What's the weirdest thing you've ever bought at a "thrift store" . . .?

So, occasionally my wife and I go on "Goodwill extravaganza" trips where we hit all the thrift stores we can in a six mile radius.

Most times I am looking for things I can use to BBQ with, my wife looks for clothes, purses, whatever. Sometimes we find a really useful item, like today we picked up two hydraulic adjustable bar chairs for $8 each.

But every now and again you find something that you just gotta have. Today was one of those days.

We really don't need this today, but it kinda figures into our "retirement plans" as one of those off in the future needs.

Besides, it was only $3.99 . . . . . .

Am I weird for buying this, or was it just weird that they were selling it?

Oh yeah, what is it? Well take a look.

What weird thing have you bought at a thrift store?

I like its color.

The weirdest thing I've ever bought at a thrift store wasn't weird at all. It was a fabulous find. Our family has had a pounded aluminum stewpot since the early 1960s. At some point in the early 1970s, my brother broke-off the little lift-it doo-dad located in the center of the glass lid. In all the years since that event, we never saw another top to replace the broken one. Then one day during one of my trips to Grocery Outlet, Harbor Freight and Savers (a weekly trifecta on Saturday morning), I found what looked like a top that might fit. The price was maybe three or four dollars, so I took the chance. What a surprise to find that the top was a perfect fit! I don't remember when I bought this top, so I'm not sure I sent a picture of it to my mother before she died. I'll just take it that I did, and that she was happy to see her stewpot finally had a new top after more than forty years. I must have taken ownership of this pot after my mom died. Even though her declining health precluded her using it after the event that triggered her decline, I'm sure she'd never surrender it to me while she was still alive.

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