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Going out into the hinterboons, you see all kinds of critters. It's not unusual to see Mountain Sheep, Deer, Wild Horses, the other day ran into a pack of burro that I nearly creamed with my wife's car. It's kinda the object lesson, in most cases the most dangerous part of any activity is the drive there.

Scorpions are kinda ll over the place in the desert, you've probably been within inches and never had a problem. Get a black light, and in the spring and early summer, you'll find 'em in nearly every bush.

The other day there was a giant rattlesnake under the outhouse at the range. We opted to just pee in the bushes nearby because he was super mad. (this is better than having field mice make a nest in the outhouse and give you hanta virus)
I'm in Tombstone. I see more deer, Javelina, rabbits more than anything. I did have one snake greeting me in my carport recently. Oh, and a squatter under my recliner.

Thinking about it, I don't know that I've ever seen a deer of any kind out in the desert. I once ran into this guy who had rolled his truck in the desert out near Amboy, he told me he swerved to avoid an "elk". I don't know that there were any elk within 200 miles of there. But that was kinda've a creepy encounter, close to midnight out on Amboy Rd (goes between Amboy and Twentynine Palms) I think it was moonless to top it off. Not really the kinda place you wanna have to figure out which way to run away from that wendigo.
At Sycamore Creek there is a high chance of being greeted by an Apache helio as they test flight them out there. I've seen plenty of Diamond Back rattle snakes that went about their business, but the coolest thing I've seen out there was a red Gila Monster. It was close to 2' long, really cool to see one out in the wild.
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