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Tough choice (since I own too many 9mm handguns).

The only one I'll never sell is my oldest W German Sig Sauer P228.

I'll sell my P210 and P7M8 for the right prices.
I stand by my comment earlier about disliking 9mm but look what I just got lol a star bm 1977 with the slide and frame sword in the diamond insignia still there.

20230324_164428.jpg 20230322_212805.jpg
I had a 9mm many years ago. I do not remember the name of the manufacturer, but it was a cheap gun. The slide looked like a casting-- wasn't milled and machined like we see on an M1911. It was definitely a "second-tier" gun; maybe lower than that. I don't remember exactly what I did with it. I'd not be surprised to somehow learn that I destroyed it with a sledge hammer and threw it in a trash can. This would have been in the early 1980s before I went off to school at Virginia Tech in March 1984.
Think most of us have a 9MM for different reasons.
Wondering what is your favorite?
For me it is my HK USPC 9MM! ( with HK45C Mag Release upgrade,Spur Hammer install and left hand Thumb Safety)
I EDC G19.5 with timney and trijicon and that is what I shoot the best and carry. The OZ9 hypercomp and Oz9 elite are super fun as well. Hell I will even give a shout out to my Canik TP9sf. I might be willing to trade hypercomp for something
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