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What is up with all of the firearms that have stippling now??

I think it’s more of a function over form thing.
Not exactly “attractive”... but then hey, it is after all a Glock. Lol!

Really sweaty meat hooks can make shooting a plastic pistol a challenge. The Glock 21 I have that is stippled seems to alleviate this, but in my opinion, limits it to holster carry OWB. Same with the Glocks with RTF. I assume some people can get away with it. I can’t stand the chafing, so I don’t deep conceal them.


I think Glocks are just boring looking and people just do this type of thing to make them more interesting to look at. I bought my Glock because it always goes bang but had to do something to make it look better than they do. Other wise they are just a chunk of plastic.
I fully realize that I am in the minority.....
But I have never liked Glocks, or shot one I had any appreciation for at all.

I’m also not a fan of stippling either, on any make. Of course that’s probably because I don’t ever recall having an issue with holding onto a firearm well enough with my big meat hooks, regardless of temperature, sweat, rain or snow.
I am seeing this pop up more and more - especially on Glocks. I personally do not like the way it looks.
I'm of the impression that those who elect to have their pistols stippled do it because of a "need" to ensure their gear fits in with the "Tacticool" crowd.
After all, the stippling prevents slippage when they are in the "trenches" (alley, more like) fighting of hoards of evil doers and their hands get wet from all the Mud and the Blood and the Beer of combat.
After all, it would be NO good if you were seen to have dropped your shootin' iron in the manicured Bermuda grasses of your local Members Only golf course, right?
Besides, it is IMPERATIVE that you be able to grasp your 50 cal Gold Desert Eagle from your vertical shoulder holster and out from under your $15,000.00 Armani three-piece suit to save the day when eeevil terrorists swarm the Invite-Only Black Tie affair that was put together in your honor because YOU saved the world from armageddon by preventing the launch of many nuclear weapons! LMAO
Yeah, I hate the look and feel of the overly aggressive stippling some folks adorn their Boolet Launchers with.
But then I'm usually saving the world NOT with a handgun ala James Bond style but with a Bullpup M60E5 tucked down my tailored slacks.
Just sayin'.
ROTFLMAO (and hoping I don't get booted for having a little fun here.)
Wow, talk about different strokes ...
My first 1911 project - 40 years ago - was stippled on the front strap simply because I couldn't afford a checkering file at the time.
I fell in love with the feel, compare to checkering. Maybe it's my hand shape - large palms, short thick fingers (I can't play a conventional guitar, because my fingers are too wide to hold down only one string, base is okay) - but stippling offers a great grip without digging into my skin. I've given the same treatment to several other handguns since then. I have one that came all ready checkered; the checkering is very agressive and makes the weapon not so fun to shoot; I've been seriously tempted to stipple it.


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