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101811 119.JPG working on other playtoys.

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Wow! That's quite the collection. I love those old trucks.

The soon-to-be wheeler


My pride and joy


LeMons / Chump Car Racing


Fishing / Crabbing with Jen

Hahaha I wouldn't trader her for anything :)

She hasn't met a hobby of mine she didn't like!
I live in the heart of downtown Portland, but I just moved into a condo with a 700 sq. ft. balcony/patio and I'd love to get into throwing knives. Any suggestions on where to start?
Get a good set of throwing knives. By "good" I mean knives at least 10 inches long and weighing 1 oz for every inch of blade. There are many "throwing knives" available but almost all are too short and too light to throw with success. Also, you want a set of at least 6. Any less you will spend more time walking then throwing and that gets old fast. And you are looking to build consistency in your stance and grip - hard to do when you have to stop and retrieve your knife every time.
Get a "log end" to throw into, the bigger the better - the end grain is much easier to stick into no matter how your blade is oriented. We love Palm Stumps here in AZ.
Get one of the videos - there are quite a few - and watch the grip, stance and release. David Adamovich, John Bailey and others have videos that show the basics... you have to develop your own technique.
Awesome! You're right about the size, when I think of throwing knives I always think of the little ones marketed as such.
Fish, shoot, fish, shoot, fish, shoot, not necessarily in that order.
Joe the site here is great, works very well. Wish the order of posts could be set to newest at the top in the tappatalk app.
Other than that there are not any glitches I have found.
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Hey Joe, awesome vehicles.

My main ride is a work in motion, a 4WD, Isuzu Amigo, the photograph enclosed, can not be seen, because its ~camoflauged~. I am currently making a hard top for it, the prior owner did not understand the Laws of WetNess here in the PacificNorthWet. For AZ, & other Southwestern folks, PacificNorthWet, is Not, a misspelling. ;) :rolleyes: We have a saying here in the PacificNorthWet, if its not raining Now, wait 5 minutes!

I like humor... huh, Taku!!!

So, humor aside, I have been a hobby level Gun Smith, for over 35 years, I am a Custom WoodWorker, and hobby level machinist. I have taught precious metal casting, primarily Silver & Gold, but have also done Platinum, though that was not taught..... very different metal, Platinum, from Silver & Gold.

Another interest, is in the field some call ~preparations~, I have done some study in that, and "share & tell" at a few face to face "meet & greets" from another, un-named forum, don't ask, won't tell.


in the BoonDocks, its quiet today, just East/West traffic, the only kind I hear! :D
Lets revive this thread! What does everyone do besides shooting for fun?

I like golfing, working on my house and doing projects in my shop. Most important I love hanging with my best friend couldn't imagine life with out my wife.

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