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I got a 100' bunch of 550 paracord that was gathering dust in my still-under-construction BOB, and am learning how to use it. I got some new knots down and am learning how to wrap handles with it. It's a bit tricky at first, but easier than it looked at first glance.
I need to add that to my to-do list. Any particular sites or resources you recommend for learning the knots? What's the rough cost for 100' of paracord?
I actually stumbled on a link to this site while looking through the stuff at County Comm. The link is: This guy has a lot of great info on projects and some neat tricks. For knots I actually use Wikipedia, and WikiHow if Wikipedia didn't have good instructions.

As far as the cost, I think I paid around $8 on Amazon with free shipping (it was part of an order over $25) for 100' of good 550 in Olive Drab. In my mind 550 paracord one of the best deals out there, it has more uses than anything else at thatprice.
Wow, that's ridiculously cheap. Cool link too, I think I'll order some cord now.
It's always amazed me how much 'stuff' people buy to prepare for bad situations, yet neglect to keep themselves in good shape.
Does adding a few bottles of whiskey to the collection count as preparing? :)
A bit of variety actually. Evan Williams, Jim Beam Black, Jeffersons Reserve, and Blantons :)
I racked 11.5 gallons of beer. 6.5 gallons of wheat wine from the whiskey barrel to a carboy adding vanilla and coco nibs and 5 gallons of stout to the whiskey barrel.

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