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Revision Brewing Company Revision IPA: Low malt flavor, low color. 50 IBU and 6.5% alcool by volume. A local company, but I wouldn't buy again.

Hop Valley Citrus Mistress IPA: Somewhat hazy, a bit of "bitterness" to it (most likely from the grapefruit peel), 80 IBU. My on-can notes indicate that I'd not buy a second six-pack.

New Belgium 1985 IPA: Very light in color, not a ton of IPA flavor. Minimal head, laces well. 6.7% alcool by volume, 30 IBU. Sierra Nevada usually makes a pretty good IPA, but I'd not buy this one for a second go-round. I'd like to see another 10 to 15 IBU points added to the present 30.
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA: Hoppy! Not for girly-men. 65 IBU, golden color, slight haze. Would definitely purchase for a second hoppilicious experience.

DeSchutes Brewery Royal Fresh Imperial IPA: Excellent!! Hoppy!! 9.0% alcool by volume with 70 IBU in the 19.2-ounce can. Would certainly purchase a second time.

Sierra Nevada Atomic Torpedo Imperial IPA: 9.2% alcool by volume, 50 IBU. No further on-can notes, so this must have been a good one. Sierra Nevada is almost always a good bet for a second purchase.

New Belgium VooDoo Ranger Imperial IPA: Nice and foamy head. Good bitterness at 70 IBU. Good color-- not too light; not too dark. Exceptionally good! A good bet I'd buy a second go-round in the 19.2-ounce can.

Hop Valley Alphadelic IPA: A "gentle beer;" not brutally hoppy. Drinks smoothly and easily. Pours a massive head that falls soon enough. Not much of a "crack!" when opening the can = low carbonation. 90 IBU and 7.2% alcool by volume. Not certain that I would-- or would not-- buy a second time.
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Foster's Premium (in the green oilcan): "Low in character," not much taste. Not very malty; not very hoppy. 5.5% alcool by volume; was unable to find the IBU rating. Bland. Wouldn't buy a second can. Don't buy this equine urine...

Lagunitas Brewing Company Maximus Colossal IPA: Hoppy!! Strong!! 9.0% alcool by volume, 92 IBU. Label on the bottle says it's a Double IPA, which is enough for me to try it a second time. I have a second bottle with on-bottle notes that says the IBU is "60, but tastes higher. REALLY hoppy!!" That must be the 92 IBU referenced earlier. I have no idea how much time elapsed between the first consumption and the second. I'm thinking the 92 IBU came from an internet search.

Dogfish Head 60-Minute IPA: Smooth, not overly bitter. Some sediment on the bottom of the bottle, so don't up-end the bottle when pouring into a glass. Really good at 60 IBU. My on-bottle notes would lead me to puy a second six-pack.
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White Claw Hard Seltzer Black Cherry: Nothing about which to write home, essentially tasteless. Wouldn't buy a second time. 5.5% alcool by volume. No hops used in the brewing, so no IBU rating. Ignore this waster of shelf space in the 7-11 and in your icebox...

Anheuser-Busch Hurricane High-Gravity Malt Liquor: I buy this swill when I want a cheap beer-- in a big can-- at a low price. Hardly worth drinking, save for its $1.48/can price at my local Walmart. This stuff is so bad, you'll find it hard against Mickey's Big Mouth at around $2.00/can. If you believe you need to punish yourself for your sins over the past week or two, drink a can of this sewage. After a can of this crap, you'll appreciate $10 for a six-pack of a good craft beer...
I've never tried a wheat beer since I began drinking alcohol at 11½ years old. Something about it just wants me to avoid it and stick to malt-based beers. Thank you for the suggestion, but trying new things is so frightening to me that I wet my pan'nies when I get really skeered...
There are some great wheat beers out there. Give Hoegaarden a try ice cold on a hot day.

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