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Want to start Competition Shooting

Charlie before you let your buddies shoot your steel make sure their gus have been sighted in on paper.Its very time consuming when they shoot your stands to get them fixed.Just from experience.
This is actually one of the rules for Rifle Golf, no second shots. It is pretty easy to see where you were off and correct for it. You're either hitting or walking to the next target, no mulligans.


Another great place to shoot competition is Ben Avery Shooting Facility. There are matches in just about every dicipline
My favorite are the Steel Challenge Matches hosted by 2 different clubs on the Second and Third Sunday of each month at the Practical Pistol Range. There are also USPSA matches the First Sunday and a Paper/Steel match every Thursday Night.

Bring your gun, ear and eye protection and a positive attitude and you will have lots of fun. Bring about 5 magazines for any gun you shoot in Steel Challenge.
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Crossroads of the West Gun Show
Arizona State Fairgrounds
1826 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85007, USA
Crossroads of the West Gun Show
Reno Convention Center
4590 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502, USA
Crossroads of the West Gun Show
The Pavilions
475 S Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89106, USA



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