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National Trump Will Not Support Universal Background Check Bill

It's already in place.........
True, but not to the extent the Criminal Left so desires. The Criminal Left Media, too. The evil of the Left knows no limits. Imagine the government of 1938 Germany in control of who in America can own a firearm, and of what attributes (muzzle device, bayonet lug, et cetera) a permissible firearm can have. No need to imagine it: We already have it in the modern-day Tyranny-crat Party.

Why do the Forces of Evil never say they want to disarm criminals first, after which they'll disarm the law-abiding citizenry? The answer is simple: Because they know criminals cannot be disarmed. They know criminals have no respect for the law, nor for the rights of an everyday man to live a quiet, unobtrusive and polite life. It's so much easier to disarm a man who presents no threat to others, than it is to do the same against a criminal who is a walking violation of everything we hold dear. So what's the reasoning for disarming you and me? It's idiotic and short-sighted, but it's to dry-up the sources from where criminals get their weapons. From where do the Forces of Evil believe criminals get their weapons? Answer: From your closet, your nightstand, your rec room, your den... your home. The government wants to disarm you-- in your home-- in order to "reduce crime" on America's streets. The government of 1938 Germany would love it. Yes, indeed...



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