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TNW Firearms gets an F in customer service.

For fathers day/ birthday Wife bought me a new mag well trigger group in 45/10mm for one of my TNW PCC’s. Since I could not sell the 9mm one I have I decided to just make one dedicated .45 and one dedicated 10mm since I love both calibers. First trip to range it would fire one round, trigger was dead. Check, new round was loaded. I at first thought hammer was not catching as when action was cocked again it was ready to go, for one round. When I got home I wrote them and said something is wrong, need to return for exchange or repair. Week went by, no response. Tried again, no response. Put it in a letter and mailed it to them last Monday, again no response. At this point I was going to just do a charge back on the credit card used to buy it since I gave them 3 chances. I am sure that would get a response from them, at least wanting the parts back since I would get my money back and still have the parts. A couple days ago I got to playing with it and I found and fixed the problem. The disconector was hanging up and not letting the trigger return fully. After a lot of working the action, lots of grease work the action, clean, lots of oil, work the action, clean, it’s now fine. It was just a matter of sloppy finish and inspection work. Took it out today and it runs like a top now but this left a VERY bad taste in my mouth for TNW. Have loved the 3 PCC’s of theirs I have but I will never buy another one from them again. There is so much competition now days in the PCC market I do not need them. When some company sells me something that’s not right, then tells me to pound sand since they got my money, they only get to do that one time. Saddens me to say this about them as I have gotten several others to buy from them too. They have decided that if they send out a problem it’s just too damn bad for the customer. So wanted to share this with others who are thinking of buying from them. Again I do love PCC’s and have loved these but this is just really bad service. This was from today’s session with iron sights. Which with my eye’s means the damn rifle can do far better

It is unfortunate commerical enterprises ignore, or refuse to acknowledge how important customer service is to their profitability and actual survival as an enterprise.

Before social media, the ‘principle’ use to state if one customer complains to management, upwards, depending on the business, 15-20 customers would complain to friends who would boycott the business - soon the business would lose business and never know why the were going down.

Thanks to social media venues, such as this one, one negative commentary reaches hundreds of potential customers in just a few minutes and thousands by days end so the enterprise fails quickly.

It is unfortunate as some enterprises have good products/services but their arrogance of ignoring their customer base’s issues will be their demise.

Thanks for posting your experience with this business, it is appreciated, i just wish more would.

PS, ya, not bad shooting :( :s0007:


Big Sandy Shoot
Northwestern Arizona
Wikieup, AZ 85360, USA