This is a Thompson Center .50 Caliber Black Powder Ball and Cap Rifle with the Double Set Trigger. Earlier production (S/N 91xxx) and in perfect condition. This is being listed on behalf of my wife's Widow friend. Wood and metal are all perfect and it was fired less then 5 times, though it did take down a deer. Original owners widow has had it since the early 70's and it has just hung above the fireplace all these years.
From Dixie Gun Works "The most copied rifle in the history of firearms. The T/C was designed for the American shooter, every bit as fine as the rifle your great,great, grandaddy carried across his saddle pommel. The halfstock is American Walnut with satin finish. Has a 2 1/4" drop with a 14"trigger pull. The barrel is QLA (tm) 28" Octagon, button rifled .005" deep. 1 in 48"twist with 8 lands and 8 grooves. Hook breech, front sight blued steel, 3/8"dovetail base w/bead. Rear sight- blued steel,, open style adjustable for windage and elevation. Brass furniture. Recommended load for 50 caliber is 80gr. FFG with .490 round ball, .015 patch or .50 cal T/C Maxi or Maxi Hunter. Mfg. Thompson Center/ USA". Their retail price is $826.50
Dixie Gun Works muzzleloading, blackpowder and rare antique gun supplies.
Asking price on this super clean example is $325 with $20 for Insured Shipping. No FFL is required for this rifle and I will ship it straight to your address. Please PM me with any offers or questions. Thanx ......
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