New Mexico Thieves take 150 pistols, rifles from Albuquerque gun store

The article gives no indication that this was an inside job - at all - or that they 'knew it was coming'. As far as storage goes, how many gun stores have you been to?? Glass cases full of pistols. Pistols/rifles in hangers on the walls. Ammunition on the shelves in the open. None of them really have 'secure storage'. They might have a safe or two on the premises, but does anyone believe that they put all the firearms into the safes at night? Nope.

This is why they usually have security gates/screens/doors on the building. Unless the gun store is one giant vault - complete with a multi locking bolt vault door at the entry point - then they will never be thief proof. Yes, they could do a little more in the gates/screens/doors area (thicker steel, super high grade locks), but anyone who is determined to get in a steal firearms will find a way.


Depends on the city or county regs, around here, all pistols must be locked up in a secure safe(s) and all long guns must be cabled together and fastened to the wall racks! Some shops have extra security for the building it's self, but no requirements make that a requirement here!


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