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This event has passed and there are no upcoming dates
That's all part of the fun. If it was easy would you really be competing?

They have a few classes for "sniper" and "recce" that I was thinking about participating in, however I kinda wanted to get a feel for it, so I signed up to volunteer.
So I finally heard from them, yea I'm going to be volunteering, there's apparently "camping on site" which I'm just going to avail myself of, I don't feel like paying over a hundred bucks for a room in pahrump and then having to commute. Was looking to probably rent a camp trailer for the weekend or something, just so I could get some hard sided shelter to block the wind and a place to poop with a door on it.

So yea, just got home after 4 days in the Nevada desert. Weather delays impacted things, and there was just some general chaos. But man that was a good time, with good people. This was probably one of the most friendly bits of the gun community I've ever dealt with. Always encouraging, positive, etc. That is indeed an awesome event. I will post pictures and follow up later. I just got home and kinda half bubblegum unloaded the car. More later.
Don't be talking about Burning Man close enough for me to hear it. Those fruits, nuts and flakes were in this area since about August 25 or so. They bought-up all the ice at Walmart and Raley's. I was behind two of them last night, going west on I-80. They were chugging along at 32 mph in a 65 zone for four-wheelers. I was loaded rather heavily, but was still held back by these clowns. The stuff these bozos drive looks like something straight out of The Grapes of Wrath. RVs from the 1970s.

Heard this morning from one of the Security blokes at FedEx Ground that some oddball was jerkin' his gherkin right out front of the 420 Smoke Shop, close to the Raley's (with no ice to buy). Several uniformed law officers swung by and took care of the situation. These people are some real weirdos, fruitcakes and are nuttier than squirrel poop. I'm happy they're all but gone, now. Won't have to stomach them again until next year...
You make it almost sound like a mini burning man event, lol!
Same weather system, opposite experience as Burning Man, the flood did do some damage to the site, but no one was really stuck. I don't know that there was any drug consumption going on with this crowd. Certainly a lot less of a tech bro vibe, and more gym rats with LE backgrounds.

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