Ok, so we never really went anywhere, but it's no secret that this community hasn't been actively maintained for quite some time. Between our other community, Northwest Firearms, and developing this new version of the website we were simply swamped. I have to thank everyone for the motivation boost due to your encouraging emails and inquires as to the status of this site. My intent is to grow this into a community every bit as large and successful as Northwest Firearms (we have nearly 40,000 members there) for gun owners of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

Now that we have the software squared away we're moving onto the next task: task of spreading the word and growing this community. I'd greatly appreciate your help in this, as I can't do it myself. Word of mouth is best, but I'm positive there are other methods out there as well. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or ways you can help us spread the word please let me know. Those of you who know me from NWFA know that I run things in a fair and professional manner. Folks tired of standard forum drama will find a natural home here :)

As always, my door is open. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc please don't hesitate to let me know.

Joe Link
Wow, totally forgot about SWFA. Hope it really takes off. I've been with NWFA since the beginning and have seen the growth over the years. I would love to see that here as well.

Thanks Joe!

Yeah man, you were #34 over there :s0001:

We ought to get you a t-shirt or something with the number on it :D

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