Probably nobody really noticed, but it's OK. I had to cut down the time I spent gun forum surfing since I was doing it mostly at work...because I am in the middle of a divorce. I now have my computer set up in a room I am renting, (imagine an entire life jammed into a 22 year old mobile home bedroom), and we aren't done moving everything yet, but at least I am now set up. Nothing says "I've here" than reloading your first rounds in your new place, and since CAl Ranch store here in CG has CCI-500 Small Pistol Primers on the shelf AND HS-6 powder, AND Hornaday XTP bullets...well, long story short, I have some new ammo to test out now.
So, for the ladies, yes I AM the (censored), in this story, not her, I initiated, long story, sad ending, PM for details if really, really bored. On the other hand, the owner of this house is WAY more interested in trying my cooking AND they put in a brand new Whirlpool stove last week, AND have a brand new in the box InstaPot they've never used...I like more recipes than just the ones that make things that go bang.:cool:
Yay me.

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