SOLD -Like New in Original Box with Pistol Scope & Laser.

Yeah, bought it thinking it would serve as an all around plinker/camping .22 but it does none of what I actually wanted it for. It certainly is fun to plink with, reliable as any 10/22 action, and I had fun shooting from the hip with the laser & pistol scope (long eye-relief) combo I purchased for it.

But in the end it was too heavy to carry as a pistol and needs a table to use its included bi-pod so we found it mostly stayed tucked away in the closet.

So this Charger is for sale. That Ruger no longer makes the Charger would be cause for folks to consider them collectible if they desired one. But I'm asking less than what I have into the package because it's been fired (all of 400 rounds or so after properly breaking in the barrel; shoot-clean-shoot-clean...). But it's been kept like new, no scratches or dings, in its original box with all paperwork and accessories included so you'd be hard pressed to find another in nicer condition.

I am in Bisbee and sometime go up to Tucson for business. PM me if you are interested or would like to make a cash offer. Will take less if you don't want the uber-cool scope/laser but just know that the pistol doesn't come with iron-sights so you need to put something there to aim with...

Thanks for your interest. This pistol has sold. Please close thread.


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