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We will be performing a software update tomorrow morning requiring us to close for a while.

The update will begin at 6AM MT. Estimated downtime is 1 hour.

Update Notes
  1. Alert Bugs: This update fixes several alert-related bugs which were not fixed in the previous update. To do so, we had to temporarily remove the option to automatically mark alerts read when the alert menu is viewed. This means alerts will remain in your alert menu until they're manually marked read. You can do this via the link below each alert, the mark all read button/link, or in bulk on the alerts page. The auto mark read feature should be added back in a future update. Please check your notification preferences (link) to ensure alerts are set to your liking.
  2. Mobile Zoom Lock (beta): This update also adds a new account preference, Mobile Zoom Lock. Enabling this option disables zoom on mobile devices to provide a better mobile experience, similar to that of a native app. Photo zoom will continue to work with this option enabled. I recommend experimenting with this to see which you prefer (feedback is welcome and appreciated). Apple iOS users please note this only affects the behavior of our app. A reminder for those of you who find yourself zooming due to small text, you can change the font size in your account preferences.

All set :)

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or problems, please open a ticket :s0155:

Changes & Updates
  • Push notifications now available for all devices, including iOS.
  • Added alerts link to account wrapper.
  • Disabled alert summarization.
  • Updated PWA manifest for iOS devices.
  • Added your content sublink category to discussion section and moved sublinks from find threads.
  • Added navigation sublinks to associated help topics.
  • Fixed bug hiding ignored content on watched content pages preventing unwatching of ignored content.
  • Added prefix to ignored content on watched content pages to indicate content is ignored (and should be likely be unwatched).
  • Removed sub-categories from watched category page to simplify UI.
  • Fixed bug preventing ignoring/watching/sharing suggestion threads (thanks @Koda).
  • Fixed missing content type in suggestion search results.
  • Updated suggestion thread prefix descriptions.
  • Added notice displayed when viewing ignored categories.
  • Added breadcrumb to search all page.
  • Removed obsolete pull to refresh account preference.
  • Dark Style: Reduced background brightness of highlighted content, accented content, and in-line selected content.
  • Dark Style: Fixed background color of notification preference headers on account preferences page.
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