We will be performing a software update tomorrow morning requiring us to close for a while.

The update will begin at 7AM MT. Estimated downtime is 1.5 hours.

Finally done -- that was a big one!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or problems, please open a ticket :s0155:

Update Notes

  • The drop-down hover menu software is no longer supported, so we had to remove it. Unfortunately, this means menus now require a click to open.


  • Disabled drop-down on hover for navigation menus.
  • Removed hover menu option from account preferences.
  • Developed watched content page to make it easier to find watched content.
  • Removed watched threads and watched sections from quick links and account sidenav.
  • Improved classified ad promotion workflow.
  • Added extend button to classified ad promotion alerts and emails.
  • Fixed bug preventing the extension of some ad packages.
  • Added extend button to your ads list page.
  • Fixed bug preventing alerts from being marked read.
  • Changed term forum section to forum category to standardize terms with other areas.
  • Rewrote help topics in guide style.
  • Added discussion forum help sections to help center.
  • Updated help center sub-links.
  • Disabled banner ads on help pages.
  • Changed color navigation menu drop-down icon color for better contrast.
  • Changed unread alert and conversation background color for better contrast.
  • Enabled showing similar threads when posting new threads on mobile devices.
  • Added headers to notification option groups on account preferences page.
  • Added recovery phone field to account details.
  • Updated transactional email phrases for clarity.
  • Fixed transactional email footer alignment.
  • Added top margin to transactional email link bar.
  • Added preferences link to transactional email footer.
  • Added account rejection help topic link to account rejection email.
  • Added accent color to navigation drop-down arrows.
  • Removed tab header uppercase text decoration and increased font size.
  • Added padding above input row explanations.
  • Fixed focused input box border highlighting for joined input fields.
  • Updating button group styling for consistency.
  • Improved accessibility for members using screen readers.
  • Improved mobile menu performance.
  • Disabled pull-to-refresh for non-mobile devices.
  • Disabled postbit badge block for guests.
  • Updated mobile Supporting Vendor icons.
  • Added Free Vendor icon.
  • Updated various navigation sublinks for consistency.
  • Adjusted margin between message lists for better readability.
  • Set search default to search only titles and first posts.
  • Removed redundant help link from mobile navigation menu.
  • Increased width of input field focus border for accessibility.
  • Removed background image from welcome banner.
  • Fixed link color on classified ad promotion page.
  • Removed styling from group mentions to discourage clicking when not viewable.
  • Fixed create ticket field label width on mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue with bookmark filter list drop-down disappearing.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate help topic search results.
  • Fixed order of search tabs on tag search page.
  • Fixed incorrect conversation trash page description.
  • Changed title of what's new overview tab to all content for clarity.
  • Fixed issue with ad units being called without slots on page.
  • Fixed small notice bugs.
  • Fixed incorrect link to push notification help topic.
  • Updated styling of registration donation thank you box on registration page.
  • Fixed mobile Supporting Member banners displayed on member_view and member_tooltip.
  • Fixed poll question capitalization.
  • Fixed header link block margin.
  • Improved donation page button styling for mobile devices.
  • Removed images from tag view results for mobile devices.
  • Removed redundant search only titles option from quick search drop-down on mobile devices.
  • Added custom notices to various locations.
  • Added form field hints to advertising purchase form.
  • Updated advertising alert links and phrases.
  • Removed advertising purchase info field from ad edit page.
  • Updated delivery time of digest and activity summary emails.
  • Help Center: Fixed badges help page for mobile devices.
  • Help Center: Updated sublink search field to default to help topic search when viewing help topic index and topic pages.
  • Dark Mode: Fixed color of member tooltip stat separator.
  • Dark Mode: Adjusted block header color for better contrast.
  • Media Gallery: Fixed appearance of albums displayed within categories.
  • Media Gallery: Removed icons from album view and media view info blocks.
  • Resource Guide: Updated Supporting Vendor icon and added icon for non-supporting vendors.
  • Resource Guide: Updated resource lists to position resources of Supporting Vendors at top.
  • Resource Guide: Separated resource photos and review photos on resource photos page.
  • Resource Guide: Enabled resource title filter.
  • Resource Guide: Updated location field to automatically capitalize.
  • Resource Guide: Added padding above review visit date field.
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