We will be performing a software update tomorrow morning requiring us to close for a while.

The update will begin at 7AM MST. Estimated downtime is 45 minutes.

Change Log:

- New Feature: Help Topics
- New Feature: Tickets
- Updated image and video infrastructure.
- Added image loading spinner to indicate image is loading on slow connection.
- Hid manual attachment insertion buttons and added an icon to reveal (to help avoid insertion formatting issues).
- Added Read More button for guests using mobile devices.
- Updated rules on prohibited classified items.
- Added additional notices to various thread positions.
- Added additional explanations to account preference options.
- Added notice to events which have passed.
- Added announcement notice type.
- Added shadow to sidebar menu on mobile devices for contrast.
- Added closer button to sidebar for mobile devices.
- Added color to close buttons for contrast.
- Updated styling of mobile navigation and sidebar menus.
- Updated various notice phrases for clarity.
- Disabled thread status notices above quick reply if thread has fewer than four replies.
- Fixed login overlay style when logging in to perform action.
- Fixed issue with duplicate accessibility attribute names.
- Fixed postbit badge links.
- Fixed Supporting Vendor packages showing the cost twice on the sign up page.
- Updated Supporting Vendor package field explanations.
- Updated Supporting Vendor page layout.
- Added bottom border to editor toolbar to improve contrast.
- Changed editor preview button background color to improve contrast.
- Fixed styling of chooser in forum sections with subsections.
- Fixed margin below small block notices.
- Fixed event bookmark button.
- Adjusted welcome notice padding.
- Adjusted sidebar ad padding.
- Removed margin from top of `p-body-header`.
- Added padding to bottom of `block-outer` to increase tap target space.
- Added padding to bottom of notices to reduce crowding.
- Added color to left side of form pages to improve contrast.
- Rearranged tab order on search page.
- Shortened redundant titles of tabs on search page.
- Fixed highlighted navigation tab on search pages.
- Disabled similar threads box when posting new classified ads.
- Updated donation notice on registration pages.
- Changed verbiage of various account recovery phrases.
- Improved styling of account recovery page.
- Improved styling of share buttons.
- Improved tooltip code for toggle buttons.
- Improved conversation inbox capacity phrase.
- Improved phrasing on donation page.
- Improved styling of donation page elements.
- Removed breadcrumb from supporting vendor page.
- Improved styling of supporting vendor page elements.
- Rearranged custom user profile fields on account details page.
- Rearranged custom user profile fields on member view about page.
- Re-enabled image drag/drop option.
- Removed redundant locked notice on closed classified ads.
- Removed duplicate share button from event pages.
- Updated code for sidebar affiliate link widget.
- Fixed tooltip for post new thread button.
- Fixed member stat links to prevent linking when count is zero.
- Added advertising notice to member donation page.
- Added hints to conversation settings.
- Added padding to conversation capacity meter.
- Fixed conversation list drop-down display when showing conversations with multiple participants.
- Added tooltip to report links.
- Added tooltips to additional member action buttons.
- Added tooltips to forum view buttons.
- Added tooltips to various other buttons.
- Simplified tooltips for existing member action buttons.
- Modified code for floating back button to improve performance.
- Classifieds System: Hide contact button for members viewing their own ads.
- Classifieds System: Remove contact button from locked ads.
- Help System: Improved layout for mobile devices.
- Help System: Improved style elements for increased readability.
- Help System: Added additional help entries.
- Resource Guide: Fixed issue with custom field links showing when empty.
- Resource Guide: Improved styling of review add and update pages.
- Resource Guide: Fixed tooltip text for Supporting Vendor banner.
- Resource Guide: Improved styling of helpful reviews block and contents.
- Resource Guide: Updated phrases for clarity.
- Dark Mode: Reduced brightness of staff banner.
- Dark Mode: Added dark mode style to additional maps.
- Dark Mode: Fixed pull to refresh text color.
Last Edited:
Estimating software update is complete and was successful
Almost! Ran into a few hiccups, and still updating things on the backend, but we're getting there.

I'll update the first post of this thread once we're all set :)

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