We will be performing a software update today requiring us to close for a while.

The update will begin at 2PM MST. Estimated downtime is 45 minutes.

Change Log:
  • Enabled large editor for mobile devices.
  • Increased height of editor box.
  • Increased height of comment reply box.
  • Added rule reminder placeholder to editor box.
  • Added icon to large editor button below quick reply.
  • Added header above subsections.
  • Changed scroll buttons from horizontal to vertical orientation to block less content.
  • Improved style of filterable drop-down fields.
  • Improved contrast of main drop-down menus.
  • Fixed donation widget text alignment and padding.
  • Fixed notice error for event submissions which require approval.
  • Updated latest activity feed phrases to be more descriptive.
  • Updated notice contact links.
  • Fixed margin for media items on latest activity feeds.
  • Fixed padding of newest members sidenav block on notable members page.
  • Added padding to stats on member profile pages.
  • Added background color to datalist headers for contrast.
  • Added color to image overlay close button for contrast.
  • Added border radius to standalone tabs.
  • Fixed member tooltip field width for small devices.
  • Fixed contact overlay help system CTA block.
  • Fixed thread quick create buttons for mobile devices within question and suggestion sections.
  • Fixed editor box height on various pages.
  • Reduced width of label wrapper column on ticket create page.
  • Removed forum subsection filters on forum_view.
  • Removed question link from account progress widget and updated help link.
  • Removed subnav-links to feature-specific help.
  • Dark Mode: Lightened color of block headers to improve contrast.
  • Dark Mode: Lightened color of form field placeholder text to improve readability.
  • Event System: Fixed event container borders.
  • Help Center: Added help center index page.
  • Help Center: Updated style of help center search box.
  • Help Center: Updated navigation menu.
  • Help Center: Fixed contact link on glossary page.
  • Media Gallery: Updated album and media notices.
  • Resource Guide: Added resource status icons to search and news feed results.
  • Resource Guide: Restyled resource thumbnails on list and resource pages for compatibility with vertical images.
  • Resource Guide: Updated various phrases.
  • Resource Guide: Updated resource submission guidelines for clarification.
  • Rules: Updated to prohibit suggestions of violence and other actions toward others.
  • Search: Fixed suggestion box margin on search results page.
  • Search: Added "Search only titles and first posts" search option.
  • Search: Fixed issue with search drop-down constraint field width.

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