So where can you shoot in Arizona?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by soulrider, Aug 29, 2013.

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    I feel sorry for people who have to drive a "fur piece" to shoot. I moved from the Northern Shenandoah Valley in Virginia to a small desert town in Nevada just to have place to shoot this big target rifle about which I dreamed and eventually built. Things were great between September 2004 when I got here until November 2018. We elected a Vegas thug who demands under-the-table payments to issue building permits, easements or variances, et cetera. Our State Legislature is all Tyranny-crats now, too. If Carson City begins to stick California-style firearms laws up our assets, I'll pull my stakes and head to Utah. I love Nevada, but I also love my Liberty to own my various firearms. The beauty of federalism is that I can move to preserve that Liberty.

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