We'll be performing a site update tomorrow requiring us to close for a bit beginning at 6:30AM. Estimated downtime is 30 minutes.

As always, please be sure to report any unusual or unexpected behavior post-update :)

Update Overview

All in all, the update went well. Lots of little bugs I'll be knocking out over the next couple weeks, but I haven't seen anything major so far. From now on I'll be editing this post to go over update changes, rather than creating a separate announcement. If you guys have questions, opinions, or just want to talk about any of this feel free to reply here.

Update Changes
  • Added Giphy insert for Supporting Members and updating Supporting Member benefit list -- more info.
  • Changed floating down arrow to floating back button. Looking at adding options for these buttons in the future.
  • Created new welcome registration block for users not logged in.
  • Created new Supporting Vendor page.
  • Reordered member stats on member tooltips and profile pages.
  • Reordered member tabs on member profile pages.
  • Restyled standalone tab groups to clean up UI.
  • Changed login link behavior from separate page to pop-up modal.
  • Reduced size of thread and page header areas.
  • Removed two icons from visitor menu bookmark list.
  • Added user option to add recently used custom smileys in smiley bar.
  • Added notices warning members of full and almost full conversation inboxes.
  • Added referral functions for members to refer others and facilitate referral contests.
  • Added referrals stat to member tooltip and profile.
  • Added referrals tab to member profile.
  • Added broken meter option to sidebar donation widget.
  • Added notice for non-supporters asking suggesting donation when classified ads are locked.
  • Changed phrasing of classified ad help button modal.
  • Re-developed Resource System from ground up, with additional features and improved UI.
  • Added Resource System filter.
  • Added your reviews link to visitor menu.
  • Added review count stat to member tooltip and profile.
  • Added reviews tab to member profile.
  • Disabled resource review and question reactions to clean up UI.
  • Enabled helpful review and question function.
  • Disabled permission to leave multiple reviews.
  • Enabled permission to edit existing reviews.
  • Developed new review button allowing members to quickly see that they've reviewed an item and update review.
  • Changed ask a question button behavior from separate page to pop-up modal.
  • Created update info button allowing members to suggest resource changes and allowing resource owners to quickly update resources.
  • Added your resources link to section links for resource owners to quickly find their resources.
  • Updated resource claims system to notify admins when a resource has been claimed.
  • Updated resource alerts to alert resource owners when item has new review, question, or discussion post.
  • Added official reply indicator and shading when resource owners reply to reviews.
  • Added official answer indicator and shading when resource owners reply to questions.
  • Added reminder box above resource discussion thread reply box reminding them to use review and question buttons.
  • Changed resource system responsive element breakpoints for improved UI on smaller devices.
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I could watch that for hours!

By the way, did you notice the new 'soft' back button? Should greatly improve the web app. NWFA will be getting the update in the next few days.

I keep my brass in the bright blue "pencil" flame in the center of the cone of flame until I see the very first indication of a color change, then it gets flipped into cold water. I'll guess I have the brass in the flame for maybe ten seconds. My annealing tool is a 14mm deep socket that fits .532" heads. Chuck it into a 3/8" cordless drill and go to town.


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