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From the Web, but what I bought...Crossman Nitro Venom dusk .177

I've been looking at air rifles more and more lately. Ammo cost and difficulty finding it are pushing me to it. Some real interesting info on them. I've been debating starting with a Benjamin Genesis in .22 cal or another nitro piston. PCP is too far out of my price range at the moment.
I figured the same that they might take the place of my .22LR rifle when ammunition runs out. The .177 would be a good little small game getter. To go to the .22 I had to step up to RWS and my pocket book couldn't handle it!!
How to spend money on a $50.00 Crosman Air Rifle: I call it my Mid Night Rat Gun. :rolleyes:
$65.00 3x9 Scope & Mounts
$20.00 pistol light
$25.00 pistol laser, It's black and hard to see.
Hand crafted Faux Suppressor.
Pellet-1 copy.jpg
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22 cal
paint job is ridge-nosed rattlesnake, the AZ state snake
pest control specialist
There is currently a pigeon on my neighbor's roof, dead from a 27 yard head shot. He has solar panels so he gave me permission to eliminate the noisy bubblegumers that are always hanging out there.

pest control.jpg
I have been thinking of moving into the air arena. I live almost 400 feet from the closest neighbor but would like to keep the noise below a .22 which I have lots of. I would probably go with a .22 or .25 because of the coyotes. They come right up too my door. Pretty arrogant they have parties on my land and do not invite me. Heard so much bad press on the high powered ones, leaking etc. Do not want a Daisy BB gun, got one of those used to chase the pigeons away. Moved now the Hawks and Raptors keep the pigeons and doves under control.
I have a Savage Rascal (22LR single shot bolt action youth/training rifle) and had it threaded 1/2"-28 for my Huntertown Arms Guardian 22. Very thin barrel but enough to produce threads.
Kids love shooting without headphones on.


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