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Show us your guns!!

That isn't how the internet works. In the 80's the BATF was microfilming all the forms for gun buys, an unconstitutional act. Congress that was half honest back then took a few million from their budget for the next year. I built a building in Arizona a few years ago for some agency that housed all the records on criminals and their victims. It was kept on 5 servers. 8 years of the treasonous presidents, except maybe Clinton, that recorded every call, read every e-mail, and looked us in the eye and lied through those lips of his about it. Add that to these government data centers taking blocks to house.

Google might as well be owned by government. In the last 10 years a Google map search on FEMA camps went from 250 hits, some in Canada to "there are no FEMA camps in America" I'm on the list and you are probably on it too. Call me paranoid or a conspiracy kook. But after 9/11 and I believed the laws of science and nature over our government I don't show my guns on the internet. They own enough of my life now.

I'll show you my trucks. Yea I know, the one needs to be buffed out.


my other truck.jpg
I already showed this rifle before, but this morning I installed a proper scope on it. This is my Parker Hale .308 (24" barrel). The scope is a Sightmark Citadel 5-30x56 LR2, with an illuminated reticle (sub tensions included). I was hoping that the scope rings I purchased would allow me to use the iron sights if necessary, but the front of the scope is just a little too big. I may purchase the taller rings in the future, as it is more comfortable for me to shoot with them.

It is. The finish is rough in some spots. it shoots great though. I wouldnt recomend slam firing a 12 guage. My hand slips off the pump. It was the First and last time I slam fire lol


Tombstone Freedom Days
Multiple Venues
Tombstone, AZ 85638, USA
Crossroads of the West Gun Show
Centennial Hall
263 N Center St, Mesa, AZ 85201, USA
Crossroads of the West Gun Show
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