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Shorten Listing Renewal Time...

Shorten Listing Renewal (Bump) Time??

  • Yes.

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • No.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
Can we please get the listing renewal (bump) time shortened?? 7 days is just a bit ridiculous. Even the anally retentive folks over on Craigslist allow ads to be renewed (bumped) every 48 hours. Even just shortening it to 6 or 5 days would be very helpful.
As far as I know Craigslist does not knowingly accept firearm submissions making this and the relatively few other firearm sites available a real asset for most of us regardless of any frustrations. Not just for sales, but communication and sharing of information and ideas unavailable in 99 % of the rest of the media outlets.
Not sure how it is set up here, but its original, and sister site, NWFA also developed by: @Joe Link allows up to 2 days bump ability, among many other added perks, for members who support the site community monetarily and were thoughtfully added as additional incentives for folk to donate. As websites and their maintenance is not a free pursuit, this is a much needed source of compensation for the expense Joe has sustained towards his endeavor to give like minded folk a way to come together that is generally underappreciated. Acknowledging at the same time, it is the quality, and quantity, of the members along with financial support, that makes or breaks the site.
I suspect that since SWFA being relatively new, membership and site related things take longer to develop.
I appreciate , and am a proud supporter of NWFA, the added perks were not my reason.
Supporting members are able to bump adds, all others have to wait the full 7 days! Different levels of support have differing benefits for adds and added value for the members!


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