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Through an error in my part I ordered a Shield Plus in 30 Super Carry thinking it was going to be easier to operate the slide and magazines than an average micro-9. I wanted a EDC that could be operated by those with limited dexterity. I woulda shoulda coulda ordered a Shield EZ but made the mistake of thinking "plus" was similar to "EZ" WRT slide force.

Got a great deal on the SW MP Shield Plus with thumb safety in 30 Super Carry SKU#13473. It comes with one16 round double stack magazine with an extended mag floor plate and one 13 round double stack magazine that fits flush with the base of the gun.
Ordered through Grab A Gun and used Low Cost Guns in Catalina (Tucson) for my FFL transfer. Shipping was Fedex fast.

When I handled the gun after filling out the 4473, my head sank in Homer fashion "Doooh". The slide was anything but easy.
Once at home, I started to load the magazines and was in for a true thumb busting experience. They were the stiffest mag springs I had encountered.

Read a few reviews that confirmed this but also noted several posts where everything breaks in as it should just stick with it.

The takedown of a SW MP is very nice. Just drop the mag, rack the slide, pivot the take down lever, release the slide, pull the trigger and the slide moves forward. The manual points out where to lubricate the pistol. After several takedowns, slide manipulations, and trigger pulls the pistol is gradually breaking it. Now it needs to be shot.

As for the magazines, I have witnessed them getting easier to load as I practice loading and unloading.
Dabbed a little grease around the follower and worked it up and down using a pen.
Noticeable improvement after just a few strokes. Testing with live fire required next. I'm thinking this gun will reward constant maintenance.

I'll update this after firing, cleaning, and firing again. I have a range day planned with my dad and my eldest son. Those days are precious.

SW Shield Plus Left.jpg SW Shield Plus Right and magazines.jpg

Shot 50 rounds at 5 yards and another 50 rounds at 10 yards out at South East Regional Park range. The pistol was pleasant to shoot, the rough edges wore in quickly. Even the magazines started getting easier to load.
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