My wife got me one of these recently.

I have for years used several different sorters. I process lots of range brass. This one looked too simple so I had passed it over. It sorts 9mm from 40, from 45. I have had several that would do that. But it also separates 380 from 9mm and 38 super! And here was the surprise. It separates 357 mag from 38 spl! This is going to be hard to beat!
I was able to sort out two 5 gal buckets of mixed range pickup brass in about an hour and a half.
Usually to sort 380 from 9mm and 38 Super I have to stand them up and hand pick them by length. same with 357 and 38 spl. A couple buckets used to take most of a day.
If you handle a lot of mixed brass this one is worth looking at! DR

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