Arizona Sell To Someone Without Arizona Drivers License??

Sell firearm to someone with out of state drivers license??

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  • Maybe - depends on the person.

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  • No.

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  • Not a snowball's chance in Hades.

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You should keep well in mind Sir an AZ CCW does NOT prove residency!!! Non-residents can legally acquire them.It's possible things have changed recently, I've renewed mine several times, none of them ever had my address or distinguished between resident or non-resident. I've friends from out of state with non-resident AZ CCWs and they look no different from mine.

Only Govt issued photo ID serves as legal proof of residency.
In 55 yrs of gun ownership - I have sold exactly 1 single gun, and that was 35 years ago! LOL

I’ve presented AZDL and CCW many times to purchase. Thanks for the heads-up to check both IF I ever do sell a gun again.
Perhaps we can, there just isn't a law I have seen yet that is preventative, they are followed by only the law abiding. Even judges are known to have broken man made laws and served time in jails, as well as those lawyers affordable to find their clients a pathway around those given laws...Living in the State of Oregon a recent example is numerous arrests of rioters, who have now been turned loose. Over 100 days of protests, burning, looting, and deaths. Yes indeed, the laws applied work exactly they way they should? I kind of think just maybe natural law vs man's law, just may have a gap or two. But then, of course the argument falls back to the Second Amendment is obsolete, and there is no longer a need for it. Besides firearms used for hunting with multi rounds etc., ownership, even police protection is not needed in a civilized society, as we have laws to protect each and everyone. If you consider this progress, we may be in deeper doo than suspected. You may not have been paying attention, but these uncontrolled animals you speak of are being released systematically, and for awhile our borders were a joke as far as international movement into this country. All this conversation of firearms sales and safety, when a top Government official lets firearms get into the hands of the Mexican Cartel, one of our own is murdered with one, and there is no accounting for this deed, no action taken, and he is free to make negative comment about this administration without being a POS. Maybe with a straight face, you can tell me that something isn't broken. It isn't about changing times, but changing principals for a starter. I'm not sure what happened with the draining of the swamp, but that would be a start. Firearms sales isn't the crime problem even though it's being made the issue. Stolen guns have been used for over 100 years! Some even from police agencies! Usually only by those who can't legally buy one now! If you have enough money, you can buy illegal automatic, and silenced firearm with a clean record...What the hey makes ya a legal law breaker? Surely is a different world as time marches on. However, the big question is how do we avoid allowing the left to turn almost 250 years of the greatest Republic democracy in the world to a third world country like Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran who once wealthy, now??? because of their revolutions. Their socialist type laws now also work extremely well for their 99% oppressed people. Don't know about you, but I don't feel all that comfortable. I'm Nam era and seen Cuba unfold. I did see what Pol Pot did after we left that no one seems to care about the two million he slaughtered. Same Chinese that really would like the US if we we are weak enough? Koreans didn't kick our bubblegum when I was a nine year old...we got surrounded by nine Divisions of those little SOBs in the dead of the winter. So yeah, a stand still. You think they forgot? Think they want another four of Trump now that Tiawn has a bunch of our jets and can fly them? Lose this election, and I think firearms laws will be the very least you will be concerned with. I think instead of learning to adapt to the crazy agenda that seems to change with every control factor that comes along, we need to go back fixing the moral decay that has entered our people, and ate away our ability to know right from wrong, before using patch work laws that end up being modified to fit all needs...they end up just being control factors. Long time ago Pandemic control... full suit without exposure of any skin. Before entering a decontaminated area, the suit is decontaminated in a safety area before entering your safe zone. Be it biological, radiation, or whatever, you don't partial protect yourself. Everything top to bottom. All has a life time, half life, and no time life for safety. Not sure why ABC rules have changed as they still have just a guess of the life span of C-19? Just discovered you can get it again, so another new book.
Flagging a post simply because you disagree with it is highly unfair and a gross abuse of the system Sir.

Keep in mind please that I agree with much of what your saying, however you can't just sell to whomever you want under the law. Buyer of ANY firearm MUST be a resident of your own state and sale must occur IN that state (private transfer). Also be advised it's perfectly legal to be a resident of more than one state but you can only hold a DL from one. You may have state issued IDs from as many as you like provided your a legitimate resident. Contrary to popular belief, their is no "Hour Glass" on AZ residency. From the moment your issued a legitimate AZ state ID your are a resident entitled to all privileges and responsibilities thereof.

The law requires a seller to exercise "Reasonable Discretion", whatever the hell that means, but if you sell to someone whose not a resident or is KNOWN to you to be a prohibited possessor or having unlawful intent, I assure you it will be YOUR bubblegum!

Whenever I buy or sell privately I ALWAYS collect all ID info, (along w/gun info & date) thereby exceeding my responsibility to the law. This demonstrates I'm a well intentioned, responsible person who went above and beyond what's required of him. Think about those implications for a few moments. "Officer, I sold it to this guy on that date. Here's ALL of his data. Go talk to him. I had no reason to suspect anything was wrong. Even so, I'm ALWAYS extra careful. Law says I don't have to be this careful, I do it anyway".

For a number of reasons, it might not be the greatest idea to record how much you sold it for. Is that really anyone's business? Your not operating any kind of gun business are you? If so, you absolutely NEED an FFL! If your engaging in the practice of buying & selling guns for profit & livelihood your probably going to prison eventually, and you know what, YOU BELONG THERE!

Thanks for your opinion--I was an FFL for several years so I am already aware of the actual laws regarding firearms sales. Your opinion & $5 will get you a small coffee at Starbucks


In these turbulent times, I'll sell no gun to anyone. I'll keep as many as I can. If a golden opportunity arises to snag another of the kind I like, I'll take it. The phrase "Keep your powder dry" applies today just as well as it did during the Revolution.
In these turbulent times, I'll sell no gun to anyone. I'll keep as many as I can. If a golden opportunity arises to snag another of the kind I like, I'll take it. The phrase "Keep your powder dry" applies today just as well as it did during the Revolution.
Me too I dont sell guns Neven know when you might need to arm the block.
Off subject sorta. I sold my 300 RUM to a undercover narcotics detective from Nogales I know. Zero paperwork even on his side to protect himself.

The 2nd one was to my undercover DEA agent friend from the same town. It was a RIA 45 two tone. No paper work either, no questions, nothin....

Carry on Brothers...........BE SAFE


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