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Unfortunately, I was scammed by @brwale for 210 bucks for a used KAC ras rail.

Just wanted to make sure people use caution. He sent me photos of the item with his username in the photos so I really didn't think he was going to scam me. But did. Even left me positive feedback! Then totally ghosted me. First was saying he couldn't ship it on the day he thought he could but would "unfailingly" ship it the next day. Then he didn't and I asked if he was still shipping. Now it's been 6 days and all I've gotten was some BS text about his mind not being at ease.


Unfortunately, I was scammed by @brwale for 210 bucks for a used KAC ras rail.
I have no idea what is a "ras rail," but I have a quad-rail for an AR-type carbine you can have if I can find it. It has Picatinny rails on all four sides and is entirely unpleasant to use without workman's gloves. That's why I took it off and put on one with the Picatinny stuff on just the top. I saw your post and went to look for the thing. I didn't see it, but I know it's in my digs-- somewhere. I think I paid around a hundred bucks for it, but it's yours at no charge. I just need to find it and get it sent. I believe it uses the round handguards endcap. That's pretty common, these days.

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