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ok the mount was alittle loose i think it was me aiming to high with mak-90

Not to be a glans penis, but a loose mount nullifies everything you did out there. I'd like to have the time to head into the desert and pop-off some rounds. But people like to ship things via FedEx Ground, and my manager has a contract to do so many outbound loads per week, so ... time away from work is something about which I can only dream. I live in a fabulous place for shooting-- even out to 1760 yards-- if that's what you like to do. I moved all the way from Winchester, Virginia to shoot on the open desert. I'm so busy now, I never get to go out there. I last made beer in April 2021. Last loaded a 223Rem round in June 2020 and last fired an AR-type rifle in May 2021. Terrible, ain't it?

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