I got to shoot this one at our local Steel Challenge Match. Still working on Because I had too many misses, but my times are getting better.

I'm still a little weak and get real tired by the end of the math but at least I'm doing it.

Ruger Mark IV with all internal Volquarsten products.
Bill Stripplin Thumb safety, Chrimson Trace Safety, and C-More 12 MOA dot.

i have a mkI that i got from my father inlaws estate never tried to take it apart. i got the mkIV when my wife handed me $800. 00 and said spend it any way you want. i had read about it when it first came out and fell hard for it. when i brought it home and showed my wife she said that is a pretty gun. i have not had good luck with 36g. loads, jams about every 8 or 9 rounds or so 40 gr. loads don't. has anyone else had this problem?
I had a chance to inspect/fondle the recently-introduced Ruger MKIV, in both standard and .22/45 forms.
Love my Mk IV. Now has Volquartzen trigger and raised mag release. Recently put on some wooden grip panels found on eBay. Fits my hand; long sight radius helps me hit what I aim at.
CI am saddened by love affair with the amount of $ and smith work put into my Mark4. A perfect marriage of Ruger, Volquartsen, C'more, etc. A recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes unfortunately explained why I couldn't shoot in any steel challenge as my hands started becoming unstable about 6 months ago and would shake despite any/all efforts with carbohydrate intake, glucose tabs, you name it. Like a very slight tremor noticeable until both arms were extended holding the very light Ruger 22/45. As you know, even the slightest movement can work out to many feet off the mark downrange. I AM capable of steady work with any heavier pistol ergo CZ or 1911 style steel guns and most any revolver so except for rifle rimfire guns, I'm over the hill at 52 with my insulin and sugar issues. Had a great time in my youth but I will say the Ruger Mark 4 22/45 is a nice step into the future for those with steady hands. Good luck with your Ruger. Great fun and lots to do with it.

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