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Reloading components modern pricing

IF I were you.....I'd READ my reloading manual (or The ABCs of Reloading). My first entry into reloading was done with the help of my Speer #10 Reloading Manual. The front section was full-on step by step instructions (with warnings). Heed the WARNINGS and follow the book when looking for a recipe for your reloads.

If you can.......
Get a mentor or coach. Some just learn quicker, by watching others.

If you don't have one available to you. Assuming that you've read and understood the process and WARNINGS. OK.......so then, I'd start by reloading the .38 Special, first. It's the cartridge that I started with. It's an easy round to learn on because, it's a rimmed pistol cartridge. Headspace won't be much of an issue.

When you've got that down. Try the rimless pistol rounds like the .45 ACP or 9mm.

When you're comfortable.....move to the rimless rifle rounds.

Aloha, Mark

PS.....Hint: Note that some cartridges use certain powders a lot. You may be able to economize by buying a powder that can be used over a range of cartridges. Some powders may require "magnum primers". BUT, the standard small and large.....pistol and rifle primers......are standard for a reason. You can worry about extreme accuracy and particular brands later on. For now.....buy American.;)
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If you can.......
Get a mentor or coach. Some just learn quicker, by watching others.
I've read 3 reloading manuals, along with hornady's press manual and manuals for the die sets i purchased. Read the Lyman (49th) twice, and recently purchased the Handloaders Manual of Cartridge Conversions that i have yet to read.

Finding a mentor would be nice, but i just moved to Arizona from Washington less than a year ago, and moved an hour away from where i was north of Tucson, in September, so haven't had much luck meeting folks yet. Meanwhile, ya'll are my circle of knowledge, and it's much appreciated.

The advice for starting with .38spl as a rimmed cartridge makes a lot of sense. Most folks have recommended 9mm as a starter, but headspace being what it is, .38 does sound like a better option, thanks.

I have definitely noticed some cartridges share a liking for the same powder, often. I've been trying to get a better sense for a couple powders that would be a good overall decent powder for multiple cartridges, and a few powders that are specifically good for specific cartridges - and the reasons why.

I definitely plan to start with one cartridge and move forward slowly, but i'm a learning nerd at heart. I want to know as much as i can learn before i set cartridge to press, and keep learning from there.

Following new to loading
Welcome to SWFA, bud. Hope you can benefit from these folks' knowledge as much as or more than i do, myself.

Ah, thanks for the info @nvshooter


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