Getting it in again! I'm giving this New company a try lightning Ammo well new to me at least, after de-primeing 4 hundy, around 5 bad case's very impressive, brass is super clean, Im Impressed!! This just might make my go-to reload brass, people who reload you need to give this a shot, <-(haha, sarcasm), seriously this stuff is clean for what I paid heck I'm ordering this again! Barrinng any catastrophic failure at the range I'm definitely getting more but only for what I paid, Im doing Hornady (HAP) 115 gr jacketed HP .355 for the house & my Brothernlaw, and some 115gr x-treme rn cp need to load up to get rid of these boxes, have a blessed night! IMG_20220304_005156338.jpg IMG_20220304_010822075.jpg

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