Utah 'Red flag' bill allows a judge to confiscate guns if a person is deemed to be dangerous

Discussion in 'Firearm-Related News' started by Joe Link, Jan 31, 2019.

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    Can't wait for all the reactions here. So many non-residents are going to share their "oh so personal" opinions, none of which matter to anyone but themselves. There seems to be enough controversy within the government itself, and my opinion isnt gonna matter, cuz I dont live there! So I'll just keep my opinion to myself, and watch all the experts start the ball rolling, even though it may be uphill.
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    Ducey is trying the same thing here, unsuccessfully so far.
    I know if you get a drunk driving conviction severe enough the state can and does pull not only your license but the plates on your vehicle.
    I am concerned just who/whom has the training to make this decision. I am also pretty sure there is no simple path to get your stuff back even if you were to sell it.
    Very muddy water
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