Recruiting New Gun Owners Means Reaching Out

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    Per Mark Oliva's article of the same title:
    "Invite someone to go with you. Even better, invite someone who has never shot a firearm before or who hasn’t shot in some time."

    Bullet points discussed in Mark's article:
    Make It Less Intimidating
    Changing Views Starts with Talking
    Be Brave. Take a Chance

    Mark's article ends offering this advice:
    "Know the reasons why people are shy about getting into the sport and find ways to alleviate their concerns. Be an ambassador. You started somewhere and someone showed you the ropes. Do the same for someone else."

    "Shifting the needle on how America views gun ownership is a lot like that trigger. Slow and steady while focused on the front sight. Let it surprise you. You might just love the result. Let’s Go Shooting.

    Recruiting New Gun Owners Means Reaching Out • NSSF

    PS: remember August is the second year to extend an offer to your congressional leadership to go shooting at the range with you or a group of like minded shooting enthusiasts!
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    Sometimes it just about being nice to people, Be nice to the Mom looking for that first gun for her son. Be nice to the newbie at the gunstore that asks a lot of questions.[Even if they do sound silly]. Remember, We all started somewhere! DR

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