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Pat's Run 2019...

Pat's Run 2019 is finished and in the books. I injured my right calf about a month ago and it was not fully healed for the race. I had pain right out of the starting gate, so I started speed walking. I did that until we hit the steep down hill right off of Curry.

Once I hit that downhill, I realized that there was not much pain in my calf. So, I opened it up and started running. When I reached the uphill portion, the pain was manageable, so I kept on running. I ended up running the last 2 miles.
I was worried that my finish time was going to be horrible, but it actually wasn't bad for having to walk half of the race. I ended up finishing in 54:43, with my fastest mile being the last one at 12:52.

Next year I will be utilizing calf sleeves and will be doing retention basin sprints at Freestone Park in Gilbert (unless I can find a closer park with steep retention basins) to get my calf muscles built up before I start running. It didn't go like I had planned, but at least I was able to salvage part of the race.

P.S. I have no idea who the guy is behind me. I only asked him if he would mind holding the flag behind me. Apparently, he felt the need to be in the picture, too.



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Crossroads of the West Gun Show
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