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I took it out earlier today and it fires well but the last round i shot stovepiped. The trigger was gritty and sluggish. When i got it home i Stripped it down about half way so I could see the trigger moving and hopefully see what it was catching on or what the issue was. Turns out the beaver tail was catching the end of the trigger bar and rubbing way too hard on it. So I got out the old sand paper and a sharpening stone and lightly filed down the part that was rubbing on the trigger bar. Smooth trigger now I must say. A little back story on this gun. I got it in trade about a year ago and the guy said he wanted to trade because "he's not a 1911 guy" it had a broken trigger when I got it so I changed it out and fit it myself. The barrel bushing wasn't fit so I fit that. And tomorrow I'm going to be tuning the extractor and I'll be heading back out to test fire it again in a couple weeks. I'll give a range report when I shoot it again lol
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