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Thanks for having me SOUTHWEST. I'm not your regular Californian. I hate all that Biden has done. I'm Pro Trump 😎. Protect the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment and Most Importantly, Bring Back God into Our Schools.

I'm sure in the heck done with this brace law/injunction, this mag capacity crap, ar ban and all the 2a nonsense that wasn't happening back in my early 20s. Now I'm 35 and I tell you. I had to jump through hoops to be able to get at least a mp 15 22lr(ar22)😒. Seems like morals and liberty are in the SW and not the pacific west. Unfortunately, I still travel to California, tbh, every few other weeks/months to see my 10 from a failed relationship, but other than that yea I wouldn't see myself back in that hell hole. 🤣 Go 49ers! Go Giants! Go Sharks! I don't do basketball.

I don't know why any sentient being would choose to live in Kalifonia. The State government there treats adults like children, treats criminals like gods and treats firearms owners like violent rapists or something horrible. As a trucker of thirty years, that idiotic 55mph speed limit for trucks is exponentially stupid. As soon as I cross the state line into Nevada, I can kick it up to 65 at Verdi on I-80 and up to 80 a few miles east of Exit 50. Rush Limbaugh once said that Kalifonia is such a mess because they are trying to outlaw death in the place. I'm sorry, Gavinito, but death comes to us all. It can be invited if you're stupid enough to do things that could get you killed, but 80 mph on a federal highway designed for 100 mph isn't one of them. I drive between 45 and 50 mph when I'm in Kalifonia. I may have 29 cars lined-up behind me on the two-lane stretches of US 395. I know the idiot four-wheeler drivers are just steamin' mad that I'm going so slow. If the trailer was my personal property, I'd have a sign painted on the back reading, "I'm slow because you idiots keep sending the same morons back to Sacramento every election year." I'm wondering how many would actually understand the message being conveyed...
OK, well here is the unfortunate news. Arizona is slowly flushing down the Kalifornia toilet. Many who fled that God Forsaken state are extremely liberal, fled because of taxes and crime, but not understanding they caused the problem bring their school of thought along with them.

We have only a razon thing margin of majority in the Arizona congress and were cheated out of the governorship and states attorney office in the last election. There are 41 gun related bills introduced in the current congressional session, 19 of which are restrictive, three of those are:

1. There is a duty to retreat. REPEALING the CASTLE DOCTRINE.
2. Private gun Sales only through an FFL
3 Cities and Counties can make their own gun laws.

The liberals are aiming for Arizona because we consistently get rated as #1 in gun friendly rankings. They pander to the new Californians who move here and frankly, the FUDDs who feel gun possession OK, but nobody need a machinegun, a silencer, a short-barreled shotgun, or any "assault weapon", especially not before being professionally trained.

If you are a 2A advocate what you can do is join AZCDL, the only local to Arizona organization that works with our legislators to remain gun friendly. This is their action page on current bills, you can find membership information from there.

Welcome to the forum and enjoy AZ. CA, WA, and OR have been soft on crime and confused why that is bad for society.

Now that you are here, find a place to shoot and keep it clean. Feds are closing BLM land at an alarming rate.

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