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I listen in and take part when I feel the need. We need more grass roots support. The elected officials need to hear us and know were are like the Fremen, with vast following and resources. I want to believe that.

You're invited to join your NRA-ILA Arizona team for a Virtual Legislative Webinar on Thursday, February 15, at 6:00 p.m. MST via Microsoft Teams! Receive the most up-to-date information regarding Second Amendment happenings at the Arizona State Capitol directly from Dan Reid, Managing Director of NRA-ILA State and Local Affairs. Register by clicking below:

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Thanks for posting this.

As a side note on why staying informed is important, Consider the Oregon Ballot Measure 114 that passed by a very slim margin. BM114 would have limited magazines to 10 rounds but also ads a permit system in order to be able to buy a gun even though the state runs their own background checks for all firearm purchases already. When the measure passed, some gun store owners chose to close shop rather than deal with the fallout from this. Fortunately a judge in an Oregon county suspended the law due to violating the Oregon Constitution. Feds even tried to sue to get it passes but couldn't override the state.

If more republicans had voted in Oregon's last election, their crazy BM114 would not have passed. The usual turnout for republicans at Oregon Elections is low probably because they feel their vote is wasted. Some people thought the measure was just a high capacity magazine ban. The news even got away with calling it that from time to time. The truth was obviously worse.

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