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New Sig P-229 Stainless Elite

I've been toying with buying one of these for quite some time now. I already have the P-226 Stainless Elite, and a P-226 SCT, and I really love both of them. I think the Stainless Elite is one of the most beautifully crafted pistols around. What's held me off are 2 things. One is cost, (these things aren't cheap). The other is finding one. It seems now that Sig has started making the Stainless Elite models with Aluminum frames, that's all you can find out there.

The P-229 Stainless Elite models that have both a Stainless frame and slide are becoming more expensive, and harder to obtain. I've even heard that Sig is phasing them out of production.

Enter Cabela's. I saw they were showing them to be "in stock" at the Glendale Cabela's by me for $1,179.99. Not too bad.

SIG Sauer® P229® Pistols : Cabela's

Especially when a local LGS in my neighborhood is selling one for $1,248.95.

AZFirearms - Sig Sauer P229 Elite in 9mm Semi Auto Pistol - New

So I called Cabela's to check stock before I drove over. And much to my surprise they not only told me they had 4 in stock, but they were also closeout priced for just $1,061.88! Because according to the guy I spoke with, they can no longer order any more of them. This also coincides with what I read as far as Sig getting away from the all Stainless frame and slide Elite's, and going to the cheaper Aluminum frame models.

And to sweeten the pot even more, I had a "$20.00 Off" coupon they had sent me, which knocked it down to $1,041.88. So I jumped in my truck, drove over, got in line, and grabbed one. The gun comes with 2, 15 round magazines, and is just beautiful. If it runs as good as my other 2 P Models, I'll be a happy camper!




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